onsdag 26 januari 2011

Sepia scenes # 118

Scene from the village. I think old houses fit in sepia.These house are from the early 1900's
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6 kommentarer:

Camilla (Rantis) sa...

Sed där ja, nu vart ju headdern bra!
Snyggt var även dagens sepia foto!

Annie sa...

Good morning, A. Love the way the naked tree seems to be reaching out to embrace the barn.

Ralph sa...

This house is built to last - it keeps the character of its era. The sepia adds a bit of warmth to the farmhouse, which is good to feel because the snow looks so cold!

Lisa-Marie Jordan sa...

That's a perfect subject for a sepia scene! It looks like going back in time! Thanks for your visit and have a great day!

Birgitta - foto CHIP sa...

Som hämtat ur Bullerbyn - :)


Lisa sa...

Å så vackra gamla hus blir i Sepia!!