tisdag 28 juni 2011

This is my world - Red cottages...

On my walk today I passed several red cottages. It´s typical for Småland. 

 We even have a song: Röda stugor tåga vi förbi glatt kring nejden hörs vår melodi.( red cottages we march past the happily around the neighborhood hear our song) Nice isn`t it? When I was a girl we sang that song in school. 
Noadays I suppose there isn´t many who know the song. I thougt of the song on my walk today.

This is two very old cottages. The last one who lived here was a man and he lived her until 1920. Can you belive  it?

Here, cows grazing peacefully.
That´s my world now I want to see your world.

Have a nice day

9 kommentarer:

REJEN sa...

Meget smukt og idyllisk...Bare det var mig...;-D

Anonym sa...

Ah - vad jag älskar röda stugor! Wonderful shots!

Life Ramblings sa...

the cottages are beautiful and i like the lush greenery surrounding them.

snowwhite sa...

Oh, they are very lovely cottages surrounded with beautiful nature. I feel as if I breathed fresh air. Sadly to say, there are many songs which I had sung in my childhood and have been forgotten now. I do love all of your wonderful photos.
Thank you for visiting.
Have a great day!

Photo Cache sa...

you have a beautiful world. the red cottages are charming and your village looks like very peaceful place to live and raise children and cows :)

i stora drag sa...

Oh, yes I remember that old song! *hi hi*
Jag menar att den sången minns jag mycket väl från småskolan! :)
Härliga röda stugor du tågade förbi på din promenad,
de med grästaken var lite extra.
Tack för din kommentar hos mig!
Ha en fin dag!

Birgitta - foto CHIP sa...

Småland är så vackert med sina röda stugor :)
Är ju också smålänning fast boendes i Skåne ;)

tw3 sa...

Very sweet cottages.
The thatches look a bit ropey though :-)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) sa...

What a lovely walk. There is just something special about red cottages and houses! I did a post last year showing some pictures I'd collected from different places (but have never seen so many on one walk). Thanks for sharing, I love them!